"All-In" Website & Content Package

Web design, development, hosting, maintenance, SEO, content and blogs

Want a website package that includes everything from website design and development, to hosting, to regular maintenance and SEO improvements AND includes content for all the pages, and one unique new website article or blog post every month?

If so, the ‘All-In’ Fully Inclusive Website Package is for you.

For an incredibly affordable price, you get all of the above and more, meaning you never need to worry about your website or the fact that it looks out of date or neglected.

The monthly maintenance and SEO improvements mean your site will always be optimised and performing perfectly, whilst the regular articles or blog posts keep site visitors engaged and coming back for more.

What’s more, each article or blog post is expertly written by a professional copywriter who liaises with you each month to get your latest news and updates, or discuss a suggested theme, so you always know the content that goes on your website is relevant, fresh, and created just for you.

The ‘All-In’ Fully Inclusive Website Package is the easy and cost effective way to go from zero to internet hero in one simple step.

The package includes all of the following – and there are no hidden costs!

  • Domain name

We purchase and register the perfect domain name for you.

  • Design and build

We custom design and build a beautiful five page website for you which reflects your brand and identity.

  • Responsive architecture

We create your site so it works perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

  • SSL certificate

We include the industry recognised safety standard for websites, which proves that your site is secure and encrypted.

  • Images

We’ll even include five stock images on your site (or you can provide your own images).

  • Hosting

We include 12 months of hosting so you don’t need to worry about your site being live for a whole year.

  • Ongoing technical maintenance and SEO improvements

We spend dedicated time each month updating and managing your site, as well as implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improvements to ensure it is always performing perfectly.

  • Page content

We custom write content for each of your site’s pages after discussing your business and objectives with you (max. 300 words per page).

  • One news article / blog post per month

We create a custom news article or blog post for your site each month, after discussing this with you, to further engage site visitors and show them that your site is always up to date and informative.

The ‘All-In’ Fully Inclusive Website Package is incredible value at just £1,750 and then just £200 per month for the first 12 months.

Contact us today to get your new website live quickly, easily, and affordably.

Please note that the website is non-transferable and an annual payment for hosting and domain name renewal will be due each year after the first year, plus monthly fees for ongoing technical maintenance and SEO improvements, and one article or blog post each month. An optional discounted website redesign and content update will be offered every three years. Clients also have the option of requesting custom changes and additions to their site at any time, for which additional costs will be quoted.