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The Website Team for You? We Think So

Philip King started Silver Websites in 2014 with a vision to make it as easy as possible for businesses and organisations to have a website that works.

Silver Websites now serves clients nationwide, operating from our primary office in Raunds, North Northamptonshire. Our team is spread across various locations, including Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire, Brackley in West Northamptonshire, and Christchurch in Dorset. Our fully managed website services aren't limited by location or industry, and we especially enjoy providing business owners with a stress-free website experience.

A techie at heart, Philip is also a qualified project manager with experience of managing teams.  In his own words "I left my corporate role when I realised the environment wasn't right for me. Having an opportunity to become self-employed, I took it and haven’t looked back."

The right solution for you

Drawing on Philip's experience as a Project Manager and IT Professional, we use our knowledge and skills to get to the heart of what you need and how it should be done.

We’re not building your site just to look good or to slot into an off-the-shelf template, we’ll build a site that works for you - understanding the technology required and your own business needs.

We've built up a team of people we call upon for different elements of the website work (copywriting, design, SEO and more) and coordinate everything for you.

You’re here to make a choice

We know there are other website companies out there, so how do you know which one to choose?

We thought we’d share what’s important to us, so you can see if we’re the right people for you.

Fairness and trust

We are committed to fairness and treating each other well.
This is part of everything we do - including our pricing.

Collaborative working

It's all about listening and communicating well, both with you the client and within our team.

We all do business differently

We give you the website your business needs, with our clear understanding how it will support your business.

Technology is for life, not just for Christmas

Philip's fascination with computers and technology started in childhood so building a business which creates worlds online is what inspires him.  We never stop learning and refining what we do – as the world of websites changes, so do our solutions.


We hope you like what you see and how we work, we'd be pleased to have the opportunity to work with you.

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