Is an eCommerce website essential for your business?

Following on from the year that was 2020, the year the global pandemic hit, most businesses have taken a look at how they run. 2020 saw a huge increase in the number of businesses that implemented the use of an eCommerce website, but some of these businesses did not need to splash the cash on these new websites.

So, before you take the leap, sit back and think, is an eCommerce site essential for my business?

If you are still reading, you have likely answered yes, you believe an eCommerce website is essential for your business. The debate is whether this is truly the case or if you are just following the current website trends.

There are some cases where businesses believe they need a whole new website to set up their eCommerce site. A website that is completely separate from their current. But this is not the case. You do not need to spend the extra money on a new domain, on a new design just to set up an eCommerce website. We can discuss with you how you can change your current website to an eCommerce site or simply add on a shopping area to your current site, or even just have a link to a third party eCommerce site (e.g. Amazon).

For some businesses, an eCommerce website will be important for their business. An eCommerce website can help some businesses to grow and flourish. Jumping into the world of eCommerce is essential for businesses that are reliant on sales for their businesses growth. The world is slowly going online, with more stores implementing an online store to their business.

In a world that is becoming reliant on technology, it is important that businesses that are able to and would benefit from, do follow this trend of creating an online store. For businesses that sell products to customers would highly benefit from an eCommerce store, making it essential for every sales business. You will find that you are able to reach a much wider audience with your online platform. You are able to offer discounts that will draw people to your website, encouraging them to make purchases. It is also much easier for people to spread your company name by simply sharing your eCommerce website link with their friend and family.

While the opportunities seem endless with eCommerce sites for businesses, it is not always essential that your business follows this trend.

It is highly important that businesses always have their target audience at the forefront of their minds. Knowing who you sell your products to is key in knowing whether setting up an online store is essential. If your customers are in the age range who are partaking in online shopping, who do like the ease of this process, then go for it, set up your eCommerce site. However, if your customers are not these people, they are not comfortable with using online shopping and would prefer to purchase goods face to face, it will not be essential for you to start this service. It will be more worth you investing your money into the services that they do use.

Another reason why an eCommerce website may not be essential to your business is when you are not selling products. More companies that sell a service are investing in eCommerce sites when it is not necessary. Sometimes all they need is a “brochure” website so new clients can find out how to connect with them. Using eCommerce to buy a service can sometimes feel “cold” and misses out on the human touch which is vital for selling any service.

So, an eCommerce website is not essential to every business. Take the time to step back and truly think about whether or not your business will benefit from an online store. Will your customers benefit from this service or will it cause more of a hindrance?