To blog or not to blog – why every website should have a blog

When you think about blogs, it’s possible you think about the popular social media influencers who make money from writing a blog; sharing the inner workings of their life on social media. So, you may be wondering how this relates to websites. The truth is, having a blog (or a news page) on your website can be extremely beneficial. Not only to your website but your entire business brand.

In this blog post, let’s have a deeper look into why you should consider having a blog on your website.

Audience Relationship

One of the main benefits that a blog brings to your website is the ability to build a strong relationship with your audience and customers. Your blog allows you to share your business story. It also allows you to post anything else you feel is relevant; what’s new in your industry, giving your audience an insight into the background of your business by sharing some aspects of your own life and journey, expanding on one or more of your services ec. These all help to build a strong relationship with your audience.

SEO Benefits

Incorporating a blog into your website design and build is one way to improve your SEO. You are able to keep your blog up to date with topics that people are searching for. Incorporating keywords into your posts which helps your website to be found closer to the top of search engine results. A blog is a regular way to ensure your website is keeping on trend with what potential customers are searching for within your industry. Having a blog post which answers a specific search question can also work well to increase traffic to your site. One of the many factors search engines look for in a website is how fresh the content is; having a regularly updated blog can help with this.

Updated Website

Keeping your website updated and in line with current trends can be challenging. One easy way to keep your website updated is with the use of a blog. The blog aspect of your website allows you to discuss recent trends within your industry, helping to keep your website updated with the most relevant information. You can also use your blog to answer your most frequently asked questions, to keep your audience informed with their most common concerns. Incorporating a blog into your website is one of the easiest ways to keep your website up to date with the most relevant information. Saving you time on whole website content rewrites as only basic information will need to be shared on your page content.

After looking into these benefits, it is clear to see why (almost) every website should have a blog. They offer multiple benefits that will impact your business in a range of different ways. Take some time to think and understand what incorporating a blog into your website will do for you.

If you have any questions about blogs or websites in general, please do get in touch.