The need to be flexible

flexible website solutions

In business, especially when you’re self employed, it’s so important to be flexible.

When I first started up the business I focused on fully outsourced web solutions for clients. I.e. me looking after all the technical stuff so they don’t have to.

This works well for quite a few clients and suits what they want.

However, more recently a number of potential clients have told me that they want to have more control over their site and use me to help get them going on it, but with them having control of it and looking after it themselves.

Originally this wasn’t something I offered, but I took on board the advice to be more flexible and tried it with a new client (a local property developer). It worked really well, giving them the peace of mind that their website was set up and designed properly, while still giving them full control.

This encouraged me to work out a new package for such businesses and I came up with a “build your own” package.

By using my recommended UK based hosting supplier I know that the client has the ideal software and support for their website. I then provide a set package of freelance time to install, design and develop their website, including some training time.

I’ve since gone on to apply this same model for three more clients, all with good feedback received.