What should you blog about on your business website?

Both visitors to your website and search engines like seeing fresh and unique content on your site.

Having a blog (sometimes called news pages) with new and interesting posts added on a regular basis is a great way to achieve this.

You can also share them on Social Media as another great way to increase traffic to your site.

The hard bit is knowing what to write about.

In this article we’ve pulled together 10 website content ideas for your blog for you to try.

1. Product demo

A short demonstration on how to use one of your products (or services) can be a great idea to engage visitors.

These can be via a video (we recommend using YouTube and then embedding the video on your post), a few paragraphs, or even a mini photo gallery.

2. Meet the team

Celebrate members of your team, their skills and expertise, and let their personalities shine.

Share photos of them in your business and examples of their work.

3. Run a competitions

A great way to boost visits to the website, running a competition can work well to increase site visits.

Just be careful you follow best practice for this, e.g. making it a full giveaway rather than tying people into buying something else.

4. Happy clients

Received a great review from a happy client? Share it!

5. Share good news

What’s new from your business? Got something exciting to share? Tell the world via your website.

6. Share other people’s good news

Any of your suppliers or other local companies got some good news to share? Tell people about it on your blog. Putting a link to their website on your own can work well if they return the favour.

7. Guides / Downloads

Adding guides or other downloads for people to follow in their own time can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. People searching online for help can find your site and then share with their friends.

8. Seasonal shout-outs

Sharing what’s going on in your business across the year is a great idea. Share photos of your Christmas decorations or a spooky video of your team at Halloween.

9. Polls

Adding a post to find out people’s opinions can work well as a conversation starter and to get engagement in your site.

10. Ask your customers

Ask your customers what they want to know and share it on your site. This shows you listen and makes the content genuine.

Salon blog ideas

Need help with knowing what to put on your website? Or have no time to add it to the site and want help? Get in touch!