3 quick ways to tell if your website needs an upgrade

Old-fashioned website

As well as creating new websites, here at Silver Websites we also build replacement sites for organisations whose current website is old or outdated.

How to tell if your website is outdated

3 easy ways to spot if a website needs updating are :

Is it not mobile friendly?

Sites which aren’t mobile friendly (or responsive) have really small fonts or are missing bits of the site when viewed on a mobile phone.

With over half of people viewing websites from their phone or a tablet, it’s important to have a website which works well on any device.

Is it slow to load?

Surveys have shown that over half of visitors to a website will abandon it and move on if the site takes more than 5 seconds to load.

There are a number of different ways to ensure that a website has been built to load quickly, these include making sure the images on the site aren’t too large and are optimised for the size of screen being used.

Is it not secure?

Websites without an SSL certificate (having http rather than https in their address) don’t send and receive information in an encrypted way. One easy way to tell if your website is secure is that it will have a padlock symbol at the top left of your browser window.

This gives visitors to your website peace of mind that their information is safe and it also increases the chance of your website getting found online.

From July 2018 Google will be displaying a message on all HTTP sites stating that the site is “not secure”. This will make visitors to the website even less likely to stay.

We can help

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