Pickles and the power of unique search phrases

pickle baggage copy

I’ve known for a while that having a unique search phrase is key to getting a page found in Google, so 2 months ago I decided to do an experiment.

I chose 3 random words, “pickle baggage copy”, and created a website page with those 3 words as the title and also referenced within the content of the page (see the page here).

I then left it for 2 months and let Google (other search engines are available) do its thing.

This morning when I did a Google search for “pickle baggage copy”, that page displayed at the very top of Google.

No advertising, no flashy SEO, just setting up a page based around a phrase with basic on-site SEO and letting search engines do the rest.

What does this mean for you?

If you can identify a search phrase which is unique to you and your business (ideally with a geographic location) and set up your webpage around that phrase then you stand a lot more chance of being found online for what you do.

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