I wish I’d looked after my website

Inspired by Pam Ayres and lyrics by ChatGPTT (just for a bit of fun!) :

I wish I’d looked after my website,
When it was still shiny and new,
But I left it alone and neglected,
And now it’s a sorry old view.

The links are all broken and rusty,
The images pixelated and small,
The layout’s all wonky and crooked,
And the font’s barely readable at all.

I meant to give it some updates,
To make it all fresh and refined,
But somehow I never got round to it,
And now it’s a site left behind.

I wish I’d looked after my website,
And kept it up-to-date and neat,
But now it’s a relic from yesteryear,
And my online presence is incomplete.

So let this be a lesson to you,
If you’ve got a website to tend,
Don’t let it fall into disrepair,
Or you might regret it in the end!

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