Easy ways to help a business get online

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for businesses (and charities) to have a website that works and that they can be proud of.

Referrals play such an important part role in our business, so if you know of anyone who could make use of our services, it would be great to be introduced.

Here are a number of easy ways you can identify businesses that we can help :

No online presence at all

No online presence

We can assist business owners who have no online presence at all.

Some people think that websites are expensive; we have website solutions to suit all budgets.

Others feel that they don’t need a website as they are too busy already; our answer to that is that prospective clients will look at your online presence before making a decision and having a professional website can help you land those higher value clients.

Just has an active social media account (e.g. Facebook)

Just social media

We can help businesses which have an active social media account, but no website.

One part of building a new website is deciding what content to have on it. If you already have an active Facebook or LinkedIn page then this part is very easy. When building the new website, we should be able to take a lot of content from Social Media, saving you time and decreasing the costs of the website project.

Having a Social Media presence can be great for many businesses, but having one in combination with a professional customised website can be even better. You can control the look and feel of your website to make sure it reflects your brand 100%, something that can’t easily be achieved with Social Media. By engaging with your Social followers with a view to sending them to your website to find out more, you are getting the best of both worlds.

DIY Websites

DIY websites

Many new business owners try to build their own website because they think it will save them money, but end up spending way too long on it, to the detriment of spending time on their business. DIY website builders are okay, but can be limited in what they do (unless you pay to upgrade) and can take a long time to properly learn how to use.

A great referral for us would be self-built websites which need help to upgrade. We can usually re-use lots of the content and give the business owners a website they can be proud of. Our hosting includes time each month to look after the technical stuff too, making life for the business owner a lot easier.

Not secure site (missing SSL certificate – no padlock symbol)


Search engines and visitors to your website want to know their information is secure. Having an SSL certificate on your website shows that the information sent to it is encrypted.

We include this as standard with our hosting.

Website not mobile friendly

Not Mobile friendly website

Over half of all website views are on a mobile phone, so having a website which works well on all devices and screens is vital.

We can help design them a new responsive website which automatically fits the content to the size of the screen being viewed on.

Slow loading website

Slow loading website

Modern websites can have a lot of content which can take a long time to load.

Without a cache and a properly optimised build, websites can take over 5 seconds to open and most people won’t stick around.

We can help by building a site that is quick to display; making use of latest technology to achieve this.

Can’t be found online

Website cant be found online

No matter how great the design and the content, without optimising the site for search engines then it won’t be found.

SEO (search engine optimisation) at its essence is about configuring the page to give search engines the best chance of sending people to it when they type in a particular phrase.

We build our websites focused on SEO, and can also provide monthly retainers to make SEO improvements each month.

Too busy to update their website

Too busy to update website

The business might have a site they’ve not updated for ages.  Most websites use WordPress and without regularly updating the software and the plugins, they open themselves up to security issues.

Our hosting includes us looking after this for our clients, so they don’t need to log into the website at all if they don’t want to, and they’re safe in the knowledge that it’s taken care of.

Old-fashioned website

Old-fashioned website

Website designs and technology are updated all the time.  Websites which are a few years old look out of date and don’t reflect well on the business.  We can help by building a new website and keeping it updated.

Dodgy website branding

Dodgy website design

For some people, the first time they see a business is when they visit its website.

A website should match and reflect the branding of the business; it should complement other marketing material, logo, company vehicles, social media etc. and show the business in a positive light.

We can help with this.